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Essential Oil Quick Property List

Essential Oils one liner property list:

I will be constantly updating this list.

Aromatherapy Products made with Pure Essential Oils


Basil- Occimum basilicum Italy anti-inflammatory pain relief, uplift, relieve fatigue, digestion

Bay – calming, memory, pr

omotes perspiration

Bergamot- Citrus bergamia uplift, anti-anger

Black Pepper- warms relaxes tight muscles,

Camphor- Cinnamomum camphora 

Carrot seed- skin

Cedarwood- Cedrus atlantica calm and cleanse

Cinnamon Bark Cinnamomun cassia blume

Cinnamon Leaf-improves circulation

Citronella Cymbopogon nardus

Clary Sage- Salvia sclarea woman’s hormones, pain, reduces perspiration

Clove- Eugenia carophyllata anti-bacterial, anti viral

Cypress- reduces stress tension, tones skin, restful sleep, reduces perspiration,

Eucalyptus Eucalyptus radiata – respiratory

Fennel Foeniculum vulgare

Frankincense- focus and anti cancer

Ginger- digestion warming oil,

Grapefruit- Citrus racemosa appetite suppressant

Helichrysum – wound healer

Juniper Berry,

Lavender High Altitude – Lavandula augustifolia Heals all, insect bites and stings, relax, sleep

Lavender Lavandula officinalis 40/42  a balanced lavender that has a mix of species to obtain a consistent scent with a 40 to 42 Linol content.

Lemon- Citrus limonum detoxifier

Lemongrass- Cymbopogon flexuosus  bug repellent, anti-wrinkle, muscle relaxer, ivory soap smell

Marjoram- Calming, breaks up congestion

Melaleuca Melaleuca alternifolia Austraila

Melaleuca Melaleuca alternifolia Chinese

Orange- Citrus sinensis   anti-stress

Oregano- antibiotic properties

Patchouli- Pogostemon cablin anti- anxiety

Peppermint- Mentha arvensis   respiratory, cooling, anti-fever

Petitgrain- heals skin, calming, restful sleep, uplifting, memory, reduces anxiety, stress, tension

Pine- Pinus pinaster respiratory expectorant- disinfectant

Ravensara- respiratory

Rosemary- Rosmarinus officinalis antidepressant memory booster, relaxant



Tea Tree called Melaleuca- disinfectant – acne- First aid

Thyme (red)-warms, relaxes muscles, strengthen, memory

Thyme (white)


Vetiver- clears the mind anti-hyperactivity

Wintergreen- Gaultheria fragrantissima muscle soother

Ylang Ylang 1, Flower of Flowers, calms nerves


Disclaimer: No claims are made to the therapeutic benefits of essential oils. This info is given for your information and is not designed to prescribe or diagnose any ailment or physical or mental condition.  Essential oils are very strong and should be used with care and caution. The statements made on this website and other literature supplied by the Watermelon Stand have not been evaluated or endorsed by the FDA. Always seek advise of your health care provider when necessary.

Note: that there are scores of medical and chemical research done on essential oils and with a little or a lot of research you can find the results. But most American health care providers do not recognize essential oils and other natural remedies. Watch our blog for future articles on books and where you can find more information.