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Published on September 6, 2012, by in Blog, Essential Oils.

Essential Oil SuppliersI have found some new Essential Oil suppliers. I have been impressed with their quality of oils as well as their prices.

It remains cheapest to buy the large size bottles and transfer them to dropper bottles. Even purchasing the empty dropper bottles form someone else still makes the oils cheaper than any other supplier.

The first company I would like to spotlight is

Essential Trading Post they are located out of New Bedford, MA. One of the best things about them is that if you order $35 then shipping is free! I have found that the shipping adds anywhere between .25 to .50 per ounce to the prices.They have answered all my questions and sent analysis sheets for my entire order upon request. Their oils seem fresh and pure and they seemed to fill the bottles. I did not weigh them but I was happy with them.


The next company I would like to spotlight is

100 % P.E.O. (Pure Essential Oils) This is a top rate company has cg/ms analysis on all their oils. They have been super helpful. They are in my shipping zone so I can have my oils the very next day and still pay ground shipping! I have been nothing but impressed with the quality of their oils. They are fresh and very pure. Their prices on some oils may be a little higher than my other suppliers but I know I am getting top quality. Their website is very professional. I get the impression they sell more than a few of the other suppliers so I believe this would make their oils fresher. Although many distributors are going to have different oils at different ages since they order them from the distilleries  at production time and different  plants are going to be ready different times of the year from various countries.

The third site I would like to feature is another distributor who is close by me so I can actually pick them up and save on shipping.

WFMed.com is their site. I was super impressed with their prices and their oils were top quality. They supply analysis sheets directly on their website. The analysis of the components of the oil is included in the MSDS sheet if available. It is included on some oils detailed by the percentage of g-terpinene and so forth suggesting a Gas chromatography–mass spectrometry test was done. Others do not contain this information. I think I asked the owner before and he said they do not do their own testing but some of the distilleries do that they purchase from.

Testing aside I was happy with the quality of the oils I purchased from them.

Out of the three sellers I have highlighted in this article some oils are better priced at one and other oils are better priced at another.  One particular supplier does not carry all the varieties of different oils that I prefer so I order from all three to get the best price and the specific species of say Peppermint and Eucalyptus that I need.

All three have the best price by buying larger quantities. That then requires to transfer to dropper bottles for ease of use.

Click on picture to order Essential Oils at great prices

If you wish to order smaller quantities at great prices see my website to order. We also carry some wonderful natural products made from Essential Oils.

Hope this has helped you find and discover more about Essential Oils.

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