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Etsy Price List and FAQ

Here is the current Etsy Price List for

the Watermelon Stand



Prices subject to change.


I can do special pricing for more than one sign.


Etsy Prices


Slates (w/ small wood border)


4 x 6 = $18


7 x 9 = $ 22


8 x 10 = Currently out of stock (Back ordered from supplier)


9×12 vintage green child’s chalkboard decorated to your specifications. $20


Regular Chalkboard Prices


Wood (masonite type material) Chalkboard Paint coated by hand or with baked on chalkboard paint (while available)


Hand decorated with acrylic paint and chalk. Semi permanent or permanent to your specifications.


Edges are painted black so do not necessarily have to be framed. Especially with pretty borders.


Keep in mind 8 x 10 and 11 x 14 have approx. 12 word limit anything longer needs to go on a larger board.

Custom sizes available

NOTE: Except for some Recipes, Anniversary, engagement and birthday boards that require extra customization and artwork…Custom Orders  that fit in an existing design MAY receive a %20 discount. Ask me about details. We will see if your design choices qualify you may combine design elements to qualify.

See my designs by clicking the picture below.



Sizes unframed Framed

8 X 10 = $25.00 $40.00

11 x 14 = $52.00 $65.00

12 x 16 = $59.00 $75.00

12 x 18 = $59.00 $75.00

12 x 20 = $62.00 $78.00

16 x 20 = $90.00 $119.00

18 x 24 = $105.00 $135.00

20 x 24 = $120.00 $150.00

18 x 36 = $130.00 $165.00

22 x 28 = $145.00 $185.00

24 x 36 = $180.00 $220.00

24 x 39= $195.00 $244.00

24 x 48 = $250.00 $300.00

Black and white or colors are available.


Colored background is also available.



Stands are available for 11×14 or smaller for unframed boards to sit on tabletop.






I can modify and make a larger stand for 16 x 20 and 18 x 24 upon special order.



Wedding seating charts with 50 or more names add $20 and need to be 22×28 or larger.


Orders needed in less than 2 weeks add $20.


Frame prices may vary if you choose more expensive frame.


Above prices are for white distressed with black undertones rough pine frame. (like bee happy chalkboard)


Hope this helps ask me any questions


Custom sizes and shapes available usually match the closest regular dimensions.



Paper Posters and Digital art is available. request a separate price list.



To get an idea of a design you like you may look at my design page



Chalkboard Designs



I can mix and match design elements like borders, lettering styles, layout, ribbons, scrolls chalk swirls and shading to make a new design for you. All my work is hand drawn and hand lettered.


I can create new ribbons and lettering and designs too. I also do a lot of custom artwork chalk line drawings on custom boards also.



When you choose your size and medium send me your zip and I can figure you actual postage.


You may purchase a non-refundable deposit for the design draft.


It is not printable and usually contains a watermark that will not be on your finished product. Changes to your design may be made as needed.


The deposit is subtracted from your final order.


You have the option of purchasing the size you need my Etsy store also and I will refund any overage you may pay on the shipping.






Or you can wait and I can make you a special listing for your order that contains the actually shipping charges. Please send your zip so I can figure actual shipping costs.



I am actually asking clients to purchase a deposit listing or paid in full listing in order to work on their designs and to reserve their place in line, so to speak.