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Published on January 15, 2013, by in Essential Oils.

Some clients have asked how to store their essential oils.

Essential oils can evaporate easily and oxidation will occur more rapidly when exposed to ultra violet light and heat.

Amber and cobalt blue bottles help filter the ultra violet light and keep essential oils fresh.

Amber Euro Glass Bottle 5 ml w/ Dropper Cap

Cobalt Blue Euro Glass Bottle 5 ml w/ Dropper Cap


The closure on the bottle is important for two reasons. One to prevent evaporation and two the cap must be made of something that will not deteriorate when exposed to the fumes and the oil. So the cute little corks on some bottles may not be a good choice. The best choice would be European Orifice closures and lids.


Euro dropper caps

Do not get confused with the term dropper. Rubber Eye dropper type lids should not be used as many oils will deteriorate the rubber on the dropper.

All the oils sold by The Watermelon Stand  Come in Amber or cobalt bottles with European orifice dropper lids.

Essential Oils

Where to store the bottles becomes the next question. If you are using your oils a lot and need them close at hand I believe a dark cool place like a dresser drawer in your bedroom is fine. Or in a wooden box or pouch on top of your dresser would be fine. I would not suggest the kitchen or bathroom as the changes in temperature would not be good for the oils. A cool dark place is best. For long term storage the refrigerator could be an alternative. I store my stock of oils in wooden boxes in a refrigerator. The ones I use daily are in handy little cases for my purse or bag. I have a collection of oils that I use daily in one of these cute pouches. This is stored in my dresser drawer so it is handy for massages and to use before bed, after shower and of a morning.

Travel case. These are wonderful. Also available on Amazon.

These cases are wonderful for travel too. They come in a variety of colors and some different sizes and styles.

I also love wooden boxes to store oils in.

I have some boxes like the ones below that I picked up at Micheal’s Craft store. They do not have dividers but I have them full of essential oil bottles so they fit snugly. These containers are not moved around too much so the bottles do not bang together. These also fit my larger 4 oz bottles.


Hope this helps some you to find some ways to store your essential oils.