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Custom Chalk Art Sign Ordering Process and Policies

This page answers some of the questions you might have when ordering a custom chalk art sign from my Etsy Shop or directly from the Watermelon Stand.

I can do that!!!

That is my motto for my business. I am a full service custom calligrapher and painter.

I have been doing custom calligraphy and posters for over 30 years as well as decorative painting custom furniture.

One of the first things I learned in Interior Design School was to always design for the client.

I use this motto in my art business. I listen to you and think of your venue and theme to design a one of kind Chalkboard Art sign for your wedding, birthday, anniversary or home. Most of my clients hang their sign in their home as decoration after the event. I don’t just do event signs, many clients commission me to do personalized art for their home.

It is extremely helpful to look at my past designs by clicking the link at the top of this page. There you can choose your favorite chalkboards so I can get a feel for the style you like. You may even choose lettering, ribbons, a border or other elements you would like incorporated in your design. Many times, clients choose a particular design they like and I can fit their words into something very similar. This saves you 20% off the custom price and saves considerable amount of time, so you can get your sign sooner.

I am now asking clients to purchase the non-refundable design deposit that is later applied to their custom order. Most clients go ahead and purchase the full order, which is also an option. Sometimes the design deposit is a good choice if you are unsure of the size you want.

Upon completion of design, a draft image is sent to you for approval and necessary changes can be made within reason. Once design is approved by you, the actual chalkboard is made and another picture is sent for approval before varnishing, if time permits.
Thanks for your interest in my work.

Lisa Harris