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Published on March 16, 2013, by in Blog, Chalkboard Art.

Customers often ask what prices would be for different sizes of Chalkboard Art.

I can make your sign in any size you want but here are a few common sizes. A custom board would be the price of the closest size listed in approximate area of the board.


Chalkboard Art Options

Sizes inches      Unframed         Framed

8×10             $15.00                   $33.00

11×14           $20.00                  $35.00

12×16           $35.00                   $51.00

16×20           $50.00                  $75.00

18×24           $55.00                  $80.00

18×36           $75.00                   $10700

24×36          $92.00                  $145.00

22×28          $85.00                  $117.00

24×39          $100.00              $155.00

Of course these prices are subject to change. If you find a chalkboard listed in the catalog cheaper of course I will honor that price.

I try to charge actual shipping. The shipping in the cart system only goes by weight not dimensions so it is a little off sometimes. If you order a chalkboard and the shipping is less you will get a refund.

If you wish a pay pal invoice can be made for your order with the exact shipping.


Black and white or colors are available.

Colored background is also available.

Stands are available for 11×14 or smaller for unframed boards to sit on tabletop.




small chalkboard stands

small chalkboard stands



Wedding seating charts with 50 or more names add $20 and need to be 22×28 or larger.

Orders needed in less than 2 weeks add $15.

Frame prices may vary if you choose more expensive frame.

Above prices are for white distressed with black undertones rough pine frame. (like bee happy chalkboard)

Hope this helps ask me any questions

Custom sizes and shapes available usually match the closest regular dimensions.


Other options…


Foam core poster board painting $35

Black and white print 24 x 32    $25

Full color matte poster 24 x 36  $45 heavier paper

Vinyl printed posters available price varies.

Vinyl Hand painted posters available. Prices comparable to regular chalkboard prices.


When you choose your size and medium send me your zip and I can figure you actual postage.

You may purchase a non-refundable deposit for the design draft.

It is not printable and usually contains a watermark that will not be on your finished product. Changes to your design may be made as needed.

The deposit is subtracted from your final order.

You have the option of purchasing the size you need my Etsy store also and I will refund any overage you may pay on the shipping.

Or you can wait and I can make you a special listing for your order that contains the actually shipping charges.


Poster and Print prices

Card stock or poster weight paper

8×10 $15

11×14 $20

12×16 $22

Poster with color

16×20 $30

18×24 $35

24×36 $45


20lb regular lightweight paper

18×24 $20

24×36 $25

36×48 $45


Reproducible digital print for invitations

One sided $45 per design

Wedding and event package deals available.

To request a special order fill out the email form below.

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