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Published on December 1, 2012, by in Blog, Chalkboard Art.

Photos of the chalkboard wall.

Wall all in chalk before using the chalk ink on it.

We painted with chalkboard paint several coats about three. We lightly sanded it in between coats with a fine grit sandpaper.

Each coat we blocked it off with a sponge brush after applying the paint on with a roller.

Blocking is when you put the paint on with a roller and then “block” it off by smoothing over the wet paint with a paint brush or in this case a wide foam brush.

The original wall paint was put on with a roller and so a little bumpy. You know how your walls have a slight texture to them from the roller. I thought this would be a problem when using the chalk on it later. Even after sanding and blocking it still had a slight texture. But it did not seem to make a difference with the chalk later. I was very happy with how the chalk wrote on the surface.


3 year old’s addition to the wall.

Remember in my other post I mentioned the six times I redid the bottom half before I made it more permanent with the chalk ink. One day I left the chalk ink pens on the kitchen table and when my 3 year old came up missing for 2 minutes he accomplished this.

Below is the finished wall with chalk ink and chalk shading.