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Published on July 5, 2012, by in Blog, Essential Oils.

POST UPDATE: Now you can buy essential oils directly from our site The Watermelon Stand. Click on the picture above to order Essential Oils , Blends and other Aromatherapy Products. We have researched oil suppliers and thoroughly searched to find Pure Essential Oils at the best prices. Doterra oils claim they are tested but they do not ever offer to supply the customer with those test results and though I am not questioning their quality, the price is what I don’t like. I made a spread sheet of my favorite suppliers and did a cost comparison and some Doterra oils have a 600% mark up. Bottom line they are a MLM company and though their product may be of great quality bottom line remains they are not the only kid on the block. If you want to pay high prices for oils you can click on the link below or you can try some oils from us and see if you like them. I remain a consultant for Doterra at present but will remove this post and redo it when I decide to drop Doterra completely. One other problem I have with them is the hype they create about them being the only one to test their oils with MS/CG testing and that just is not so. Many distillers offer these tests and many distributors also do the same tests that Doterra does.

Robert Tisserand has some great blog articles on his site. Click on his name to read what he says about Therapeutic Grade Oils.


Original Post: First off I would say I do think Doterra Oils are pure and very strong and of the highest quality. Their prices are very reasonable for mid-priced and expensive oils. Their cheaper oils like Lavender and Lemon can be purchased elsewhere for a fraction of the cost. They spend considerable time and effort making you think they are the only place to get true therapeutic grade oils. This is not true. Bottom line, they are not the only kid on the block.

One of my favorite  places to order Essential Oils is www.bulkapothecary.com. I have ordered a lot of oils from them recently and they are very pure, very strong, and each bottle has a batch ID number so you can order the report from them via email. They are the best oils I have found anywhere. You can tell by scent, color and consistency. In other words, a Sensory Evaluation.

Some ways to test quality and Purity of essential oils at home…
  1. The Potency of the aroma is the first clue. Once you start smelling essential oils you will recognize that the strongest ones are the purest. 
  2. You can quickly determine quality of an essential oil by visual examination. If you research the color, consistency and appearance of the oil before hand, you will notice right away if an oil has been diluted.
  3. For all thin consistency oils you can refrigerate and if they become thick, a cold pressed vegetable oil has been added.
  4. Another method is to put a drop of oil on construction paper. It should evaporate fairly quickly and not leave a visible ring on the paper. This works again for most thin consistency oil but does not work for the dark colored thick consistency oils like Patchouli and Vetiver. 

I was very impressed with the quality of oils from Bulk Apothecary. The oils were very well documented on the site and told the country of origin and many had several varieties to choose from. They guarantee they are 100% pure. Anyone can say that, but each bottle has a lot number and batch number. Doterra doesn’t even do that. The only drawback was they do not come in bottles with Ortiface droppers. 


These allow you to dispense the oils one drop at a time. This is crucial when using essential oils. If you click on the picture above you can see where I ordered the bottles. You can also buy glass droppers at any drugstore. 
I also like the bottles, supplies and lids with droppers that fit the bottles from Bulk Aromatherapy  that can be purchased at Aroma Tools.com.

I want to order some essential oils from Mountain Rose Herbs.
They are a very reputable and ethical company and have come highly recommended. Their prices are very reasonable.
I will have to write more about them later. 

I have been making my own blends and will share my favorite recipes and my favorite recipe websites next post.